'Full service' - that’s how our clients describe us. And since the customer is always right, we do whatever it takes to make it happen. To us, this means combining proactive support with solid know-how. #clientscomesfirst



A website is a must. It connects all other communication channels, provides important information and works as a great brand image platform. You need a website, so why not do it right? By this, we mean it should be responsive, with implemented e-commerce and marketing automation solutions, and great UX design. Our IT team knows how to make the magic happen, so you don't have to worry about it. They even know how to translate all the complex jargon into simple language, for regular people like us to understand!


Business people learn strategy from Sun Tzi - we prefer to learn from customers. That's why before developing any kind of communication or strategy, we analyse the behaviour and needs of the target group. Then, we take a closer look at how the market works, collect benchmarks and insights to create an integrated plan of action.


We joke sometimes that these are a bit like all-inclusive holidays. With projects like this, all hands are on board - both in our agency and on the client's part. Hence, it's best to plan campaigns like that with someone you can trust. Our team must be doing somethign right, considering we run around 40 big campaigns a year and no one is complaining.


Winning is fun. We all like to win, which is why we love organising contests and lotteries, cross-selling actions and promotional campaigns, challenges, field marketing projects, buy & get promos, instant wins, online and offline competitions - you name it. But our absolute favourite is pulling off something no one has ever done before. We've already done it quite a few times!

Social media

Social media is about possibilities. Whether you are looking for new clients, refreshing or rebranding your company image, researching what consumers like or introducing a new product, the answers to your questions are right there. Not to mention, the opportunity to build live and direct engagement with your target group. Just as we said, limitless possibilities.


Some of our account managers remember the days before social media and digital era. BTL is their bread and butter, and POS materials are their cup of tea. You can find our stands, displays and complete system solutions in popular chain-stores all over Poland.


Multimedia and visual culture dominate almost all communication channels. To a degree, words are losing ground to images. But at the same time, today's discerning audience has already seen it all. In these kinds of projects, the key to success lies in heavy research and attection to details. We create the kind of content that caputes and holds onto the attention of the viewer. Every of our movies - animated, instructional, adevertising, interactive, 'making of' and VR - is based on a good story and an even better atmosphere.


For us branding is the king, coherent, visible and reflecting brand values it is the strongest and most important tool for any marketer. What we like best about branding is the creation of a strong brand image. When end users start to think about a brand in more visual way, they recognize it and brand awareness grows. Naming, logotype and visual identification graphically define a brand. All seriously enjoyable parts of the design process.


Our clients