Easy Finance Platform

It’s easy to get lost in an avalanche of paperwork. Precisely why a clear and concise guide to the financial jungle could be handy. Easy Finance is just that - a platform designed to simplify key financial tasks for Amway employees in Europe, Russia and India.

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To create an online platform, providing access to all essential financial information for Amway employees. Our task was to design a communication model and implement the information architecture, clarifying internal processes and financial procedures for the workplace.



Presenting complex information in a clear and concise way is always a challenge. Extensive research and preparation were required, along with consideration of existing digital trends in the field. Working on the project, we devised an idea to simplify the presentation of the most complex financial information.



We created a complete platform, designed to work on mobile devices and integrated with Amway systems. By using lifestyle pictures and natural narration, we made it easier for Amway employees to access financial information, without having to consult with the financial department direction. The platform has since been integrated in Amway’s Russian and Indian markets.

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