Foundational Trio

Nutrilite™ is an Amway brand, specialising in vitamins and dietary supplements. We were asked to create a promotional campaign for the Foundational Trio family of products. Our strategic approach and creative idea were brought to life through press, POS and digital materials. All of which helped boost sales and communicate how the products work together effectively. The campaign was well-received by Amway and became a blueprint for future commercial innovation campaigns.

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Project goal

The Foundational Trio consists of 3 dietary supplements, which work together to create the perfect bundle. Our aim was to show, in an easy way, how these products complement each other in supporting the body’s key functions. The new strategy had to simplify existing communications, in order to help Amway representatives sell the product.



We came up with the perfect comparison – a bicycle. This provided the ideal illustration of how each product works, as well as how they interacts with one another. Each element of the bicycle and its function (wheels, frame and chain) was assigned to a specific supplement. The bicycle – which also connection the Foundational Trio with a healthy lifestyle – became the main theme for the whole project.



The key idea – ‘a Healthy foundation keeps you going’ – was used in many different materials: press (advertisements in Amagram magazine), POS (brochures) and digital (social media, online banners, PPT presentation, video). We successfully created a cohesive Foundational Trio communication, with a positive message and healthy lifestyle theme.

The most important material of the post-launch phase was as animation, based on the bicycle symbol. The video introduced and explained macro-, micro- and phytonutrients, along with how the parts of the bicycle represent the Foudational Trio supplements. Based on an English master, we have since prepared different 34 language versions of the video.

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