11 interviewees from all over the Europe, a 15-member team, 60 hours spent on set and almost 500 takes. A summary of the first big European video project for Amway. The result? Testimonials featuring Amway sale leaders, discussing the qualities of a major new product – the Atmosphere SKY™ air purifier. The project demonstrated how authenticity attracts attention and builds trust.



We asked a selection of Amway entrepreneurs from 4 countries (Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy) to share their opinions on the new air purifier. Each having had the opportunity to test the device before its launch. The interviewees discussed their experiences, as well describing local/personal problems that were solved by Atmosphere SKY™. We also touched upon relevant subjects for each country – the Italians spoke about food, the Poles discussed problematic air pollution and the Germans talked about the newest technologies.

Ultimately, we created 7 testimonial videos highlighting the advantages of the device, along with 3 themed videos. We were responsible for organising the international shoot (choosing the film studio and location, creating the script, managing the workflow on set), post-production and the creation of 5 different language versions. The videos were published on Amway’s YouTube channel, along with the brand’s website. We also created a short ‘behind the scenes’ video.

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