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We’ve been working with Ceresit for 15 years, so we know each other pretty well. Our collaboration included the authorship of a variety of video materials, demonstrating the brand’s technological and product solutions. In total, we created around 80 videos for professionals who want to use Ceresit products. The videos demonstrated tile and grout application, sealing and repairing – best practices in home renovation and those all-important finishing touches.



We know how to explain technicalities in a concise simple manner. We read, research, write a script, create a storyboard and consider every word. After which, we move on to voice recording, graphic design, music and editing. The result - animations like this one about BioProtect formula, which guarantees protection against biological contamination. All our realisations are displayed on YouTube and Ceresit’s web sites.

We created short “step by step” tutorial videos. These instructional videos presented solutions for various surfaces, such as walls, floors, facades and foundations. We selected a few realisations from a broad range of successfully completed projects. Our task was to create everything from scratch: organising a movie plan, writing a script and creating original background music. Each video was translated into several languages for international markets.

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