Visual identifications

We know how important first impressions are for the brands we work with. We also know that a brand’s image should be consistent, characteristic and memorable. That’s why for many years, we’ve been creating visual identity materials that boost brand awareness. We start from scratch, we customise and we optimise. That’s how we created several key manuals for Ceresit, Polybit and Thomsit.




Ceresit packaging manual

We created a product packaging manual for Ceresit, which demonstrates how to achieve uniform packages across all package shapes and sizes. The manual shows how to update packaging while responding to new challenges - new product categories or modern printing solutions, for example. Our efforts focused heavily on boosting Ceresit’s brand identity.


Polybit manual

Creating a visual identity is a challenge. It takes time, effort and intensive research to accurately see the bigger picture. Ultimately, it’s about creating a system wherein every element is relevant and cohesive. The Polybit manual (Henkel brand in UAE) was a complex project. We started by establishing the brand’s philosophy, after which we created a logo that would define the subsequent composition rules for all materials and packaging.


Thomsit rebranding manual

What is the best way to inform customers that a brand is not off the market, but now forms part of another portfolio? This was the challenge we faced when we were asked to create a manual, showing how Thomsit materials had been updated with Ceresit’s visual brand identification. We proposed a 2-stage rebranding process, which would gradually help customers get used to the visual changes. The rebranding communications we produced focused on packaging, booklets and other POS materials.

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