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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when discussing Motul engine oils? Adrenaline? Adventure? Pushing boundaries? All these factors and more inspired our Motul Tour contest project. We’ve already completed the first edition, which took the winners on an unforgettable trip to South Africa and the USA. But the world is still out there, and new adventures await the next big winners! We are proud to say that the Motul Tour contest was named the best promotional campaign of the year by the brand’s European office!

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Project’s goal

We were asked to develop a creative concept for a promotional campaign for Motul’s hero products. The idea had to invoke an emotional response and outperform previous campaigns, where Ducati and Honda motorcycles were offered as prizes. Pure passion for motorcycles remained a key point of focus, along with the thrill of pushing boundaries and teamwork. The main goal – sales and image support.



We proposed something simple and elegant: a contest, where the main task was also a type of interview for a planned motorcycle expedition. Instructions? Share your thoughts on the best motorcycle routes in the world – no limitations or restrictions! With Motul, you can put yourself to the test every continent worldwide.



The most recent edition took the winners to South Africa, while this year we’ll be exploring the southern USA. Motorcycle expeditions are a perfect reflection of the brand’s main characteristics: freedom, testing your limits and the kind of teamwork that leads to victory. The promise of exceptional prizes helped us created engaging content to promote both the brand and the love of motorcycles.

The Motul Tour is supported by a dedicated platform for every edition. Its main purpose is to simplify communication with the tour’s participants, while providing easy access to information on previous editions and promoting Motul as a brand that makes motorcycle dreams come true.

We approached the task by creating a complete solution: coming up with creative idea, organising the expedition, material production and full campaign service. We also created BTL (posters, stickers), digital (banners, landing page) and social media materials.

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