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Co-developing the brand image for a world-famous product manufacturer is a huge responsibility. Rather than intimidation, we approached the project with optimism, enthusiasm and complete confidence. This enabled us to complete the project so successfully that we received two awards from the brand’s global representatives – including best administration of TABASCO® Sauce fan page in the world.

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TABASCO® Sauce is mostly associated with flavourful heat. However, it occupies a market packed with dozens of competing products – many of which take spiciness a step further. Hence, we needed to present TABASCO® Sauce from a different angle. Less a condiment, more a universal ingredient for many dishes from all over the world. The strategy also focused heavily on the use of natural ingredients, along with 150 years of traditional and heritage. Two claims very few rival brands can make.


How do we do it

Twój styl, Twój smak (Your style, Your taste).

We combined two completely different worlds: TABASCO® Sauce and Kikkoman. Each of them has its own unique style, but they both have one thing in common: flavour that enriches any dish. We decided to encourage fans of both brands to share their personal styles and preferences with the world. During the 60 days of the campaign, we received over 400 entries and engaged over 21,000 unique users. That’s what we call doing it with style!



In social media it’s this moment that counts. What interests our fans? What fascinates them? What events occur during their day? All questions we have to take into account while preparing our communication strategies. This way, we show that we are close to our audience - not only in the culinary sense.

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