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16 years of close collaboration and hundreds of finished projects – a brief summary of our working partnership with Tefal. For more than a decade, we’ve helped Tefal realise ambitious promotional and sales campaigns. We’ve also become a trusted branding partner for the global firm.

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An agency of many talents – that’s our role when working with Tefal. We manage a variety of projects for the brand – both digitally an in Tefal’s stores. Our cooperation comprises various undertakings, such as managing online platforms, producing communication & sales tools (websites, online catalogues), creative and executive support for promotional campaigns, general logistics and web hosting support.

Claim „Uwolnij moc!” (Free the power!) - this vibrantly coloured smoothie swirl is our creative proposal Tefal’s hand and stand blenders. This bold image conveys the power of the device, along with the beneficial role of the vitamins in smoothies. It’s full of colour, joy and cohesiveness – thus becoming one of many Tefal bids we were awarded.

„25% na 25 lat” (25% for 25 years) is one of the biggest promotional Tefal campaigns we’ve to date. Almost 25,000 entries and 36,000 items sold – very impressive numbers! We came up with the creative idea, implemented online (e-commerce) and offline (POS materials) communication strategies (POS materials) and took complete control of the project.

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